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NovoLog Mix 50/50

NovoLog Mix 50/50 is a prescription diabetes medication that contains both a rapid-acting insulin and an immediate-acting insulin. It comes in injectable form and is injected just under the skin immediately before meals (within 15 minutes before eating), up to three times a day. While most people tolerate NovoLog Mix 50/50 well, potential side effects include injection site skin reactions and low blood sugar levels.

What Is NovoLog Mix 50/50?

NovoLog® Mix 50/50 (insulin aspart protamine/insulin aspart) is a prescription form of insulin used to treat type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. It contains insulin aspart protamine, an intermediate-acting insulin mixed with insulin aspart, a rapid-acting insulin. It is usually taken immediately before meals. Compared to NovoLog Mix 70/30 (a similar insulin product), NovoLog Mix 50/50 contains less of the intermediate-acting insulin and more of the rapid-acting insulin.
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Who Makes It?

NovoLog Mix 50/50 is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, Inc.

How Does It Work?

NovoLog Mix 50/50 contains two different insulins, one that is rapid-acting and one that is intermediate-acting. It starts working quickly (due to the rapid-acting insulin) and continues to work for several hours (due to the intermediate-acting insulin). Ideally, using NovoLog Mix 50/50 decreases the number of injections per day (since it combines two types of insulin in one injection).
Insulin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pancreas. This hormone is important for several functions, such as controlling blood sugar. Insulin helps the cells of your body remove glucose ("sugar") from your bloodstream. This sugar fuels your body's cells, giving them the energy they need to work properly. You may need to take insulin if your pancreas has trouble making enough insulin, which is the case in people with type 1 diabetes and in some people who have type 2 diabetes.
Normally, your body is able to maintain proper levels of sugar in your blood and inside your cells. However, in people with type 1 diabetes (and sometimes type 2 diabetes), the pancreas has trouble making insulin. This causes too much sugar to accumulate in the blood. Too much sugar can also accumulate in the blood if your body has trouble responding to normal levels of insulin, as is common in type 2 diabetes. Over time, high levels of sugar in the blood can lead to serious health problems in the eyes, feet, hands, kidneys, and heart.
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NovoLog Mix 50/50 Insulin

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